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Marker: MRK-21-00065
Ctra. de Arantiones, 39220, Cantabria, Spain
Date: 2021-06-06    16:00:58
Elevation: 744m
Biome: Not set
Description: Not set
Notes: Not set
Images: No images yet

No records found

Sample: SMP-0000000057
Date: 2021-06-06    16:00:58
Status:  Pending
Capture Method: Manual/Visual
Description: En una rama de un roble
Notes: Not set
Storage: BOX A
Preservation: Alcohol 97
Specimen: SPC-0000000012
Genus & Species: Temnothorax sp (Mayr 1861)
Animalia › Arthropoda › Insecta › Hymenoptera › Formicidae › Myrmicinae
Temnothorax sp. Mayr (1861)
Inventory: Not set
Description: Not set
Notes: May be Temnothorax affinis
Images: PXL_20210612_084228728.MP.jpg
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