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Is the perfect tool for myrmecologists, professionals and amateurs researchers because it allows them to organize research data, biological material and field observations in a clear and simple way.
Supplementary tools

Lists of ant genus and species with direct access to outside resources such as Ant Wiki, Ant Maps, Ant Cat & Research Gate, labels for cross organisation, collections and backup download anytime.
Media & interactive content

Attach pictures to your records.
Query, filter and sort your data easily.
Create interactive maps from your selections over markers, samples or specimens you have registered.

Locate places both geographically and chronologically.
Increase the information on them (biome, pictures).
Register species which have been observed.

Register biological samples.
Link them to geographical locations.
Handle information about capture, inventory and storage.
Print labels.

Inventory the specimens in each sample.
Register genus and species, number of specimens and caste.
Save who has identified & confirmed identification.